• Plain Burfi

    A classic dessert square made using a creamy milk paste (Khoya).

  • Marble Burfi

    This traditional creamy milk paste (Khoya) is a chocolatey twist to our classic burfi to form a delicious swirl of flavours.

  • Rainbow Burfi

    A swirl of mixed fruit colours blended with our traditional creamy milk paste (Kohya).

  • Pista Burfi

    A rich blend of traditional creamy milk paste (Khoya) with a burst of pistachio flavour and pistachio nuts.

  • Coconut Burfi

    Traditional creamy milk paste (Khoya) infused with a delicious coconut flavour and sprinkled with a bed of shredded coconut.

  • Almond Burfi

    A twist to our best-selling classic burfi, the Almond Burfi builds upon the creamy taste with the addition of finely grounded almonds.

  • Besan Burfi

    A deliciously sweet blend of chickpea flour and milk topped with finely sliced almonds.

  • Fruit Burfi

    A flavourful combination of dried fruit and our traditional creamy milk paste (Khoya) to offer the perfect balance of soft nutty goodness.

  • Gajar Tukri

    A delicious, cube-shaped dessert made with finely chopped and blended carrots, sweetened to perfection.

  • Baloo Shahi

    A donut shaped delicacy glazed with sugar, flaky on the outside and soft on the inside

  • Amrati

    A sweet, flower-shaped dessert dipped in syrup on the inside and outside to create a deliciously crispy and crunchy texture.

  • Sweet Samosa

    Glazed pastry filled with a burst of mixed nuts and traditional creamy milk paste (Khoya)

  • Milk Pateesa

    Made from a pure milk base, this delicacy is irresistible with its crispy, flaky, wafer-like layers and garnished with nuts.

  • Besan Pateesa

    A perfectly crispy and flaky delicacy made from chickpea flour and garnished with nuts, to create a smooth and crunchy taste.

  • Plain Pateesa

    Original flavour, crispy, flaky and wafer like layers combine to melt in your mouth.

  • Motichoor Ladoo

    A timelessly classic round dessert made with chickpea flour (Bhoondi) and melon seeds. Sweetend for the perfect taste. This is one of our best-sellers for all celebrations!

  • Maisur Pak

    A light, airy and crumbly dessert that melts on every bite.

  • Kalakand

    Soft and creamy dessert made with pure traditional creamy milk paste (Khoya), and carefully garnished with a blend of fine nuts.

  • Besan Ladoo

    A sweet and round dessert made from a blend of chickpea flour, nuts, and sugar.

  • Jalebi

    Easily recognized by its unique swirl shape, a timeless, delicious, and traditional crispy dessert coated in a thick sugar syrup.

  • Gulab Jamun

    Soft, round and spongy dessert balls made with milk and flour and dipped in a thick sweet syrup.

  • Dark Gulab Jamun

    Similar to our Gulab Jamun, with a firm exterior. These delicious dessert balls will surprise you with a soft inside.

  • Rus Gullah

    A sweet and spongy dessert made with traditional cottage cheese (Paneer). Soaked in a delicious sugar-based syrup.

  • Chum Chum

    Soft and spongy, this oval-shaped dessert is made from traditional cottage cheese (Paneer) and soaked in a sugar-based syrup.

  • Coconut Gulab Jamun

    Similar to our classic Gulab Jamun, these delicious dessert balls will surprise you with a soft inside and an exterior wrapped in a layer of shredded coconut.

  • Coconut Rus Gullah

    A sweet and spongy dessert made with traditional cottage cheese (Paneer) and rolled in a bed of shredded coconut.

  • Dil Bahar

    A soft and spongy eclair shaped dessert, filled with a traditional creamy milk paste (Khoya) filling. A delicious dessert that is a twist to our classic Gulab Jamun.

  • Cutlus

    Pulling inspiration from the classic Gulab Jamun, this dessert is cut into round slices that are soaked in a thick sweet syrup and coated with nuts. (Availabe in-store only)

  • Gul Dusta

    A spongy cookie-shaped dessert made from traditional cheese (Paneer) garnished with nuts. (Available in-store only)

  • Petha

    A soft and translucent pumpkin-based confectionary soaked in a sugary syrup.

    (Available in-store only)

  • Chocolate Halwa

    An irresistible, premium chocolate-flavoured dessert with a chewy fudge-like center and topped with chunks of walnuts.

  • Karachi Halwa

    Easily recognized by its bright orange colour, this is a soft and delicately chewy dessert combined with sliced nuts.

  • Walnut Halwa

    A chewy delectable, walnut-flavoured confectionery loaded with walnuts.

  • Milk Cake

    A soft, crumbly, and creamy dessert made with fresh milk.

  • Pineapple Halwa

    A deliciously soft sweet, infused with crushed pineapples and topped with shredded coconut.

  • Toffee Halwa

    A chewy, delectable, toffee-flavoured dessert garnished with a layer of nuts.

  • Paira

    A delicious, mini-donut shaped sweet with a rich and creamy taste, embellished with nuts.

  • Mixed Nut Burfi

    A rich-tasting premium burfi made from a mixture of traditional creamy milk paste (Khoya) and infused with the finest nuts.

  • Hubshi Halwa

    This is a mouthwateringly soft and chewy, caramelized delicacy infused with mixed nuts. We’re proud to call this one of our signature items.

  • Kaji Katri

    A sweet, diamond-shaped delicacy enriched with a cashew flavour.

  • Fig Halwa

    A delectable, fig-flavored, chewy confectionery mixed with nuts and chunks of premium figs.

  • Aflatoon

    This sweet is chewy and packed with a fine blend of raisins and mixed nuts.

  • Badam Pak

    A rich and chewy dessert blended with an abundance of chopped almonds

  • Dates Halwa

    A rich and creamy dessert loaded with chunks of premium dates.

  • Chevda

    A crunchy snack mix made with roasted peanuts, raisins, hickory sticks, and the perfect blend of sweet and savoury spices.

  • Namak Para

    A deep fried, crunchy and savoury snack made from small ribbon-like pieces of flour.