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Al-Karam Sweets

Kiran Paira

Kiran Paira

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Kiran Paira is a special order item and made to order. The minimum order is 120 pieces.

Important: quantities less than 120 pieces can be ordered generally around special occasions such as Eid or when available for sale on the website.

12 Pieces: Net Weight: 1.20 - 1.30 Lbs (Packed in 1 Box)

24 Pieces: Net Weight: 2.40 - 2.60 Lbs (Packed in 2 Boxes)

120 Pieces: Net Weight: 12 - 13 Lbs (Packed in 10 Boxes)

All of our sweets are handcrafted, as such final product weight may vary.

To optimize shipping - sweets may be packed in multiple boxes. 

Instructions for Preserving Freshness

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